On Sale Now!

Super Fun TV Hour is now on sale and ready for you to pay dolcover1lars for! You can find your copy at DriveThruRPG!

I’m not going to claim that this product will change your life, but it will make you smarter, faster, and more attractive to your gender of choice!

Drawn from Power Rangers and other super sentai nonsense! You must perform mighty kung-fu, pilot gigantic battle mechs, and yes, come together to form a super mech; all while trying to keep from getting suspended from school! And let’s not forget about the stupid outfits!

Super Fun TV Hour is a framework for creating your own super sentai campaign. The super sentai genre is surprisingly under represented in tabletop RPGs, which is odd considering its rich source material and pre-established tropes. Just the fact that sentai teams are so often in groups of five makes them ready made for the gaming table. 



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What Comes Next?

With Super Fun TV Hour off to the printer, and Gen Con now a week behind us, it’s time to look ahead at our next projects.

First, the thing I’m most exciting about is working with Zeal+ Studios to create the Visual Novel “Robo Rinku’s Kissy Kissy Adventure Game!” You may recognize the art style in the following screen caps because Zeal+ partnered with us to provide most of the art in Super Fun TV Hour. Now it’s our turn to pay it back, by managing this project and making sure it get’s out the door by Q2 of 2017. That and it will be my first attempt and software development!

Rinku Duct Tape Rinku Hearts

Our next RPG project is a scenario we’ll be constructing with the Savage Worlds engine. Currently, I’m just referring to this as “Project Chi”; a long form scenario set in an eastern flavored apocalypse where power belongs to those with the strongest kung fu! Currently we’re only in the brainstorming stages, but I hope to have a deliverable project done by the end of January!

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It is done! I’m happy to say that Super Fun TV Hour is finished and off to the printer. I’m happy with what we’ve created and can’t wait to start hyping it at Gen Con. Next is to run some sample prints from a local printer to give away at Gen Con. I expect that PDFs will be ready to purchase by late next week, and paper copies will be on sale come December.


We learned a ton putting this together, and I’m really excited about out next project, which I’ll be blogging about soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few pages from the book!

TVH Pg 1

TVH Pg 3TVH Pg 2

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Update! Arts and Tweeks

Crunch time is upon us for Super Fun TV Hour!  I’ve settled on layout tweeks, and Leah’s sketches have started to roll in.  We’re on target to have this ready for electronic publishing by August 3rd! I’m just going to go wet my pants in excitement now.

Intro layout

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After reading a book on layout design and how to not look like a 1000% amateur, I switched up a few things.  I got rid on center alignments, added more white space between sections, and made my sidebars look less like poop.


New Sidebar

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Update: Sidebars complete!

We’ve finished writing and designing all of the sidebars!  At this point, all major writing is complete!  Major layout is complete!  Now it’s a matter of choosing art, designing a cover, and maybe getting some sleep!


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Update: Super Fun Logo!

Will you check out this bit of awesome?!


This was designed by the completely rad James Stroman, who just felt like contributing!  We currently considering a version of this for the cover!

I’ve got a pile of sidebars to write today, and then I need to design them.  Also InDesign is somehow both an angel and a demon at the same time.

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Update! SFTVH – More Arts!

Holy fucking shit will you look at this!  I mean, holy moly!  Thanks Leah!  Also, if you’re not doing so, you should totally follow her tweeters!


Also, wire framing and main text layout is complete!


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Update: Super Fun TV Hour – Layout

After mainlining an InDesign course on Lynda, and a little help from my friends, I’m moving forward on layout.  If you weren’t aware, trying to pick fonts is like playing Dr. Mario.  By the time you look up, it’s 3am, and you don’t know why you feel great about it!  Now I just need to finish the framing on like 20 more pages and I’m ready to send it to Leah for arts!


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Update: Super Fun TV Hour!

It was a big day today at Bloomingnerd Studios!  We finished final edits on the text, and started initial layout.  Plus!  We got our first concept sketch from Leah!


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