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Update: Super Fun Logo!

Will you check out this bit of awesome?! This was designed by the completely rad James Stroman, who just felt like contributing!  We currently considering a version of this for the cover! I’ve got a pile of sidebars to write … Continue reading

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Update! SFTVH – More Arts!

Holy fucking shit will you look at this!  I mean, holy moly!  Thanks Leah!  Also, if you’re not doing so, you should totally follow her tweeters! Also, wire framing and main text layout is complete!

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Update: Super Fun TV Hour – Layout

After mainlining an InDesign course on Lynda, and a little help from my friends, I’m moving forward on layout.  If you weren’t aware, trying to pick fonts is like playing Dr. Mario.  By the time you look up, it’s 3am, … Continue reading

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Update: Super Fun TV Hour!

It was a big day today at Bloomingnerd Studios!  We finished final edits on the text, and started initial layout.  Plus!  We got our first concept sketch from Leah!

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Announcing: Super Fun TV Hour!

We’re far enough in this project that I feel confident announcing it.  Bloomingnerd Studios is working on it’s first publication.  Super Fun TV Hour! is a sourcebook for adapting Fate Core to play super sentai groups like Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Reference Card: Spellcasting Sequence

I love Shadowrun, but damn if I can’t keep the sequence of actions for… well pretty much anything in my head, which is why I’ve started working on these buggers.  Also started experimenting with colors and boarders a bit. Spellcasting Sequence

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One Card Adventure – The Mad Castle

My first One Card Adventure is ready to go! The Mad Castle – One Card Adventure 01 If you’d prefer just the Text: Name: The Mad Castle Change: Civil war breaks out in the Barony.  The party will need to … Continue reading

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13th Age Character Details Card

Intended for use with the 13th Age Basic Stats Card, this card is designed to collect permanent character details.  It’s a nice card to consult during the more role-playing/storytelling parts of your 13th Age game.  PDF link at the bottom … Continue reading

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One Card Scenario Prep

Recently, I gave a GM friend advice that she should be able to fit her entire scenario/session notes on a single note card.  I’ve been playing this way for years, trying to boil my preparation down to the bare essentials. … Continue reading

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13th Age Basic Stats Card

Just a quick experiment with reducing gaming materials down to card size.  This is a 13th Age card mostly for quick reference during combat and tracking hit points. 13th Age Basic Stats (Printable PDF)

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