Big Sunday recap

Sunday being my day set aside for actually playing these games that I spend the rest of the week working on, here’s a recap of yesterday’s big fun.

This week was the Warhammer Fantasy League.  Though as the League Despot, I don’t get to take part in the standings, I still get to play games.  Due to an incident with another league member having his models chomped by a dog, I was in the surprise position of facing a new League Lizardmen player.  In the past, I have never been able to take down a Lizardmen army with my Dwarfs.

Today was no exception.

I thought I had this one in the bag at deployment as my opponent only brought 2 blocks each of saurus and skinks with a priest and a lord for characters.  I had a block each of warriors, longbeards and hammers with a lord and Battle Standard Bearer.  After deployment however, I did what I do too often. I stopped paying attention to the game.  I forgot rule after rule after rule and didn’t stay focused for an entire phase much less for an entire turn.  While being the Leage Despot does often tear my attention away from my games, it was no excuse for how poorly I performed.  My slaughter was handed to my opponent on a silver platter.

My second game of the day proved more amusing, if just as crushing.  Bob brought his Dwarfs into the league after tragically losing his Beastmen models and on a lark, decided to field a hoard unit of 40 Longbeards.  At my urging for more silliness, he made them rangers as well.  This works out better than one might expect.  Since they can deploy within charge range and have such a wide facing, it is easy to use this to force an opponent’s hand.  I only helped him by deploying my own forces on the line, giving myself the least amount of wiggle room.

Finally, I manged to squeeze in about half a game of Classic Battletech, introducing the rarest of wargammers, one who had never played CBT before, to this venerable game.  I ran my painted Clint and Cicada against an unpainted Jenner and Vindicator.  By midgame my Clint had taken quite a pounding, thanks to hatred from the Dice Gods.  By the third turn the Clint had fallen from a gyro critical in level 1 water and had every actuator in his left arm blown out.  My Cicada had managed to melt away most of the Vindicator’s armor, and criticals were on the horizon for my opponent, but by then the store was closing and he needed to get on the road so I called it a victory for him.

So in total, 3 games and 3 losses.

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