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Shadowrun Reference Card: Spellcasting Sequence

I love Shadowrun, but damn if I can’t keep the sequence of actions for… well pretty much anything in my head, which is why I’ve started working on these buggers.  Also started experimenting with colors and boarders a bit. Spellcasting Sequence

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One Card Adventure – The Mad Castle

My first One Card Adventure is ready to go! The Mad Castle – One Card Adventure 01 If you’d prefer just the Text: Name: The Mad Castle Change: Civil war breaks out in the Barony.  The party will need to … Continue reading

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13th Age Character Details Card

Intended for use with the 13th Age Basic Stats Card, this card is designed to collect permanent character details.  It’s a nice card to consult during the more role-playing/storytelling parts of your 13th Age game.  PDF link at the bottom … Continue reading

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One Card Scenario Prep

Recently, I gave a GM friend advice that she should be able to fit her entire scenario/session notes on a single note card.  I’ve been playing this way for years, trying to boil my preparation down to the bare essentials. … Continue reading

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13th Age Basic Stats Card

Just a quick experiment with reducing gaming materials down to card size.  This is a 13th Age card mostly for quick reference during combat and tracking hit points. 13th Age Basic Stats (Printable PDF)

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