Dark Elf General

This is my first go at painting an Avatars of War model.  Avatars of War is one of those nice little niche companies that specializes in making alternative models for Warhammer.  I picked up this Dark Elf at Gen Con last year and finally felt confident enough to paint her as my army’s new general.

This is likely the pinnacle of my painting skills right now.  Not up to ‘Eavy Metal standards yet, but not bad for a few hours of work.  I’m especially happy with the pallet I’ve chosen for my Dark Elves.  I wanted to be sure that they had a sort of overexposed look.  Most painters choose a suitably wicked looking pallet for dark elves.  Mostly black with deep violet and blues.   I felt that by making the models especially bright, and choosing mostly cool colors, it would make them feel more cold and distant, as is appropriate for an entire race of psychopaths.

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