Off the Bench

While spending the week recovering from dental surgery I used the time to power through a large handful of projects that have been accumulating on my bench.

My biggest accomplishment was slogging through an entire Light Panzer Company.  23 tanks ready to meet my Polish cavalry!

A few more pieces of my 5000 point Orcs and Goblins list.

I probably spent the most time on this fellow here.  This is my character for the D&D game I play with several pals once a month.  I pushed myself to learn some new shading techniques I’ve been picking up from the Jen Haley video tutorial.  I wish I had taken a better photo to show off, but his cloak, hood and face are done completely without washes, but using a more advanced belending technique.  I can see now how using blending creates a much more smooth and subtle shading than just washing and highlighting.  I doubt I’ll ever use the technique across an entire army, but it’s pretty nice for individual pieces.

Finally, I painted up five of my GW/Mantic hybrids as Longbeard Rangers.  Here there are next to one of the GW models I currently use.  I was hoping that using the same palet would allow the two models to work together well in the same unit, but the size difference is a little disappointing.  Still, they’re there if I need them, and who’s going to fault a dwarf army for being lumpy looking?

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