On the Bench: Panzers, Giants and Dwarfs

It took me about six hours to go from out of the box to trimmed, washed, scored and assembled.  Now I wait a day for the glue to cure before priming.  I don’t expect the painting to take more than 12 hours all told, considering that they are mostly one color that I can do that with an airbrush.  I intend for this to be my loaner army to help lure people into Flames of War, so I don’t expect to get too hung up on the details.

In the meantime, while waiting for the glue and primer to dry, I threw some paint on my Orcs & Goblins Giant, which finally pushes me to a full 2000 point list.  Not a good list, but 2000 points regardless, so I can say I have 2 fully painted armies.

After this, I just reached my hand into my pile of projects and pulled out a box of 20 Mantic dwarfs that I’ve been sitting on for a year now.  I got these from Bartertown and was not happy with the fact that they had already been primed with a gloss paint and were missing several pieces.  I had wrote them off, but I got ambitious and started digging in the bits box.  I’ve got a start on turning these guys into some respectable long beard rangers.

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