On the Bench

I’m surprised I got as much done as I did last night considering that I only racked up an hour of bench time.  It did give me an opportunity to demonstrate the power of basing.

Here is what I started with.

And afterward.

Just a couple coats of  Graveyard Earth and a some static grass help the mediocre paint jobs to pop.

A quick primer coat on some 40K Orks that I swear I’ll play with someday.  Someday, soon?

Next on the bench, I’m starting my first Bretonnian unit.  I’ve been what I’ve called “Bretonnia Curious” since I started collecting a year ago.  Making the models look serviceable seems a steep challenge.  I could easily see myself spending months on just a handful of knights, adding detail after detail. 

Still, I think the time has come to experiment.  If I decide the like the experience of putting these guys together I’ll probably start building a 1000 point force of Bretonnian boarder patrollers.

Finally, what showed up in the mail today?  Is the the book for what will likely become my next big obsession?  Oh yeah.

The opportunities for making this a Star Wars/Trek/BSG/Babylon 5 simulation are just too perfect.  I’ve only flipped through but for a first run game, this looks pretty sweet.  It doesn’t look like it bothers getting bogged down in a bunch of calculations, but strives to create a more cinematic war fleet experience.

What the bench looked like at the end of the day.

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