What Comes Next?

With Super Fun TV Hour off to the printer, and Gen Con now a week behind us, it’s time to look ahead at our next projects.

First, the thing I’m most exciting about is working with Zeal+ Studios to create the Visual Novel “Robo Rinku’s Kissy Kissy Adventure Game!” You may recognize the art style in the following screen caps because Zeal+ partnered with us to provide most of the art in Super Fun TV Hour. Now it’s our turn to pay it back, by managing this project and making sure it get’s out the door by Q2 of 2017. That and it will be my first attempt and software development!

Rinku Duct Tape Rinku Hearts

Our next RPG project is a scenario we’ll be constructing with the Savage Worlds engine. Currently, I’m just referring to this as “Project Chi”; a long form scenario set in an eastern flavored apocalypse where power belongs to those with the strongest kung fu! Currently we’re only in the brainstorming stages, but I hope to have a deliverable project done by the end of January!

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