On the Bench: Flames of War

Yesterday, I finished up the last of my Dystopian Wars Prussian cruisers:


  • Black Primer (Vallejo)
  • Adeptis Battlegrey (GW)
  • Badab Black (GW)
  • Steely Blue (Reaper)
  • Bright Bronze (Vallejo)
  • Pale Silver (Reaper)
  • Weathered Stone (Reaper)
  • Coppery Orange (Reaper)
  • Creamy Ivory (Reaper)
  • Chestnut Gold (Reaper)
  • Grey Blue (Vallejo)
Today, I started on this little project.
I’m slowly working my way towards being able to supply an entire demo game of Germany vs. Poland.  This is the beginning of Phase 2.  Painting up a German Light Tank Company
First, after cracking open the box, here is the intimidating sight.
First step is identifying what is what.
Once everything is identified and labeled, I move forward with scoring the large connection points.  Here is a comparison of scored vs. unscored.
While it seems like a small thing, scoring the connection points helps so much.  It increases the amount of surface area that you glue can connect to, thus strengthening the bond.  This is particularly important with the tank treads, which seem to love popping off.
Finally, here’s where I left the bench last night, with the pictured models scored and ready for cleaning.
Start time: 7:30pm
End time: 8:30pm
Total time this week: 1 hour
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